Home Remodel Resources

We offer Design-Build Services, collaborating with several select General Contractors on our remodeling additions and home lifting. Our D-B process is one in which a GC is made a team member early in the design process, giving feedback on costs as the process unfolds. However, the client does not have to totally commit to the GC we select, as the construction contract is written up later. The client gets the benefit of a cost analysis at the outset of the design process without having to lock in to specific construction costs associated with home lifting or home remodels. Of course it is always beneficial to the architect to have a stated budget for house additions in order for us to give feasibility feedback and to develop an appropriate design.

Local General Contractors doing business with Blackbird Designs:
- Berkeley Construction 510-428-2218
- DeVecchi Construction 510-655-3762
- John Purchio 925-944-5551
- Kessner Construction 510-527-9000
- Manou Renovations 510-928-3060
- Mark Scott Construction 925-944-0502
- Noah Construction 415-751-4902
- Pat Barry 510-595-5370
- Paul & Mark Rodman 707-256-3818
- Selvig Construction 925-299-1243
- Springwood Builders 925-283-1222

If a client is interested in an "Owner-Builder" approach to house addition construction, we encourage taking some courses or short classes at the Building Education Center. The "Homeowner's Essential Course" is especially useful, as are "Owner Contracting" and "Plan Reading". Berkeley architect Andus Brandt has helped a number of Owner-Builders through their construction process and even coached a few who wished to do their own drawings and permit submittals. This approach can be most successful with smaller remodels such as a single bathroom or small one-story room addition at the rear. At present we offer BEC students a 50% discount on Andus' initial consultation, after taking his class(es).

Clients interested in green home remodels on a new home or major house additions are encouraged to learn about super insulation techniques with energy recovery ventilation systems. Blackbird Designs recommends the Passive House utilization of green design principles. We also are always interested in the ongoing discussion of what constitutes "green" in the building industry. We like to say, "Green is a discussion - not a fact." Of course solar collectors are always a good topic, both for electrical generation and for heat.